Movie about the project “Be Multilingual”

This short film is a additional instrument in order to sensitize learners (especially from the tourist sector) about the importance of knowing foreign languages, our movie was used during the demonstration events, on the occasion of other events related to the project subject.

Demonstration events

Be Multilingual Demonstration Events have been taken by all partners in the project, in total 23 events took place in 10 different countries and 13 875 People have been targeted by those initiatives. Teachers, trainers, adult education centers, local authorities training organizations, rural tourism office, bed and breakfast managers, hotel managers, departmental authorities have been present in those events. The events had, in general, intervention at local level but some took national and international scope.

More about demonstration events


Expolingua fairs - 22nd International Fairs of Culture and languages in Berlin.

In order to enhance the visibility of the project and demonstrate our products , VHS Cham coordinating institution took part in Expolingua fairs, where total amount of participants was about 10 000 visitors, during the fairs also 180 exhibitors from more than 30 countries were present. During 3 days of fairs we had presented our handbook in partners’ languages. Each visitor could try our learning platform with exercises choosing a language or concept e.g. self-directed or family learning. Addtionally the handbooks were available for education providers. Participation in fairs was an opportunity to introduce the concepts implemented in the project to language teachers, language providers but also to learners (especially to increase interest in self-directed learning). The presentation of the project was accompanied by project movie, dissemination of project’s flyers, posters and lanyard keychains with logo Be Multilingual.


Multiplier seminar

You can find more info about the Multiplier seminar wich took place in September 2009 in the Demonstration Events section. 






“Fest der Kulturen” – „Festival of Cultures“July 2008

Within the context of the European Year of Intercultural Dialog 2008, our organisation - VHS Cham e.V. has organised the event “Fest der Kulturen” on the 6th of July. The event took place in our centre in Cham.

The aim of the event was to promote the great diversity of cultures and languages and emphasise its unique advantage for all societies. The festival should encourage all those living in Europe to explore the benefits of our rich cultural and language heritage and to seize the opportunities to learn from different cultural traditions.

At the event, we have hosted about 180 participants; among our guests were representatives of the local authorities, representatives of other educational institutions, schools, public organisations including teachers and trainers, mentors, employees of our institution and the inhabitants of the city Cham and its surroundings.

On this occasion we have presented our project “Be multilingual” to the representatives of the educational institutions, local authorities and the representatives of the local education institution for tourist development.


Our flyer "Fest der Kulturen" 6th of July 2008


Our project „Be multilingual“was presented in local newspapers in Granada.